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The Work at Height Regulations (2005) Specifically covers all Working at height activities – falls from height accounts for more deaths each year in the workplace than any other single cause of accidents. Safe working at height training is essential for anyone who has to work in any area where there may be a risk of harm or injury from a fall.

It is a legal requirement under the Working at Height Regulations 2005 for employers to supply all aspects of equipment needed for workers to safely carry out their duties, This also means providing adequate and suitable training, and covers all industries where workers are required to conduct their duties whilst in a position where a fall could occur or working near open edges and or fragile surfaces, even those industries and trades which do not need to work at height on a regular basis.

There should also be records kept to ensure that those working at height receive regular refresher training. Certs Assured Training Ltd keep a detailed log of all of our delegates training and run a software package which will highlight when delegates certificates are going to expire enabling us to contact them in order that their training qualifications are kept up to date.


The aim of the course is to give enhanced awareness of the dangers of working at height. Working at height is not only for those working above ground, but for those working at any place where a fall might occur which may be liable to cause injury, this includes places of work not only above but AT and BELOW ground level.

For example, working alongside an unguarded excavation would be just as hazardous as ‘working at height’ as there is the potential for a fall resulting in injury or even a fatality. Care must also be given to work colleagues and other trades working in close proximity to you, and even members of the public who may be injured on the ground by those working above.

  • Safety legislation, work at height regulations 2005
  • Accident statistics
  • Hazards and risks
  • Fall prevention, fall restraint, fall protection & fall arrest
  • Harness types and design standards
  • Component parts of a fall arrest system (A,B,C,D & E of Fall arrest)
  • Identifying correct anchor points (EN795 and Improvised)
  • Pre-Use inspection of harness and PFPE
  • Correct donning of harness with practical exercise
  • Correct storage and care of PFPE IE: Harness/lanyard Inertia Reels etc
  • Understand the need for Rescue provision and requirements
  • Hazard analysis & risk assessment

Who Should Attend

Safe working at height training courses are suitable for anyone who may have to work at any point where there may be a risk of harm or injury from a fall and also anyone who manages the work of others. It is important that anyone working in an environment in which some workers are working at height appreciate the dangers.

Course Aim and Duration

This course will last a minimum of 6 hours, delegates will learn about the Working at Height Regulations 2005 as well as any other HSE legislation that is relevant. They will also be given instruction in how to inspect their personal fall protection equipment and to correctly don a full body harness and select the correct Fall protection equipment relevant to their task, plus the importance of having a rescue plan.

Course Summary

  • Course Duration: 6 hours
  • In-House Training Course Price: please call for a competitive quotation
  • Maximum Number Delegate 10
  • Course Schedule: Classroom & Practical
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Assessment: Written Test Paper
  • Accreditation: Certs assured Training Ltd
  • Certification: Each successful delegate will receive a Certificate of Training (valid for 3 years)