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Planning for rescue and emergencies when employees work at height is a legal and moral responsibility for all Employers. Regulation 4(1) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 obliges employers to ensure all work at height is properly planned, and Regulation 4(2) notes that "planning of work includes planning for emergencies and rescue.

It is essential that there is a specific rescue plan and adequate resources in place for each worksite where work at height is carried out. These should be regularly assessed and updated where necessary. Resources should include not only equipment but also personnel who have been trained and competent in the use of that equipment. “Competence – Every employer shall ensure that no person engages in any activity, including organisation, planning and supervision, in relation to work at height...unless he is competent to do so...” (Work at height Regulations, 2005 Regulation 5).

When planning for rescue, consideration should be given to situations from which the casualty may be recovered and the type of fall protection equipment which the casualty would be using.


This course is designed to provide workers with the knowledge and skills which enables them to rescue workers from Height within their working environment. Aimed all of those that work at height, this includes those in a supervisory role as well as those within the work force, this course focuses on rescue from a range of typical scenarios found in the workplace. During training those attending will be trained to assess the situation, and consider all the available options before attempting to carry out a rescue using a suitable rescue device.

  • Introduction/ Course overview
  • Overview of Legislation
  • Accident Statistics
  • Rescue Equipment (selection to be site and job specific)
  • Remote Rescue
  • Practical - over the edge Rescue
  • Prolonged Harness suspension
  • Suspension Syncope
  • Casualty Recovery
  • Evacuation / Descent
  • Practical Examination

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at personnel who are or will be responsible for rescue and retrieval of Suspended casualties following an arrested fall connected to their P.F.P.E (Personal Fall Protection Equipment) in the work place.

Course Aim and Duration

The course will last one full day and provide the candidates with the knowledge, practical experience and skills to enable them to rescue a suspended colleague following a fall on various Personnel fall arrest equipment.

Course Summary

  • Course Duration: 1 Day, usually 8:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Training Course Price: Please call our team for a competitive quotation
  • Maximum number of Delegate Ratio: 6
  • Course Schedule: Classroom Based Theory & Practical Training and Assessment
  • Prerequisite: All who attend must have an in date Working at Height certificate, must be physically fit
  • Accreditation: Certs Assured Training Ltd
  • Assessment: Practical Skills Assessment
  • Certification: Each successful delegate will receive a Certificate of Training (valid for 3 years)